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Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Victoria Domalik
Victoria Domalik
November 22, 2016

Over the years at Wercker we have continuously made improvements to our user interface.

From humble changes way back when to more recent updates like aesthetic changes to our CLI (which you should download to improve your Wercker life immeasurably) or to our most recent menu overhaul and extensions.

We're big on design, and we're even bigger on listening to our users. Over the past six months, we've been working closely with our early access users and strategic partners in the container ecosystem to learn how to communicate best where Wercker adds the most value.

What we knew

The Wercker platform is used to run many different types of automation workloads across multiple programming languages, source control management, and deploying to many infrastructure end points.

What we know now

Where we've found particular resonance, though, is where organisations are either fully utilising or moving towards using Microservices & Docker and are automating their deployments, specifically to schedulers like Kubernetes, running on IaaS providers like AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. We felt that our old site did not highlight how we serve that world, so we set out to change that by adding specific integrations pages and documentation geared towards highlighting how at every step Wercker makes things easier, faster and better for developers.

We're not done yet!

The site still has a ways to go, and we're busy writing updated documentation and resources which will continue to support new and existing development teams using Wercker.

Thanks for all the support over the years, we really appreciate it.

Like Wercker?

Why not join our early access club (you've seen the impact they have). We’ll invite you to try our beta products and treat you nice.

As usual, if you want to stay in the loop follow us on twitter @wercker or hop on our public slack channel. If it’s your first time using Wercker, be sure to tweet out your #greenbuilds, and we’ll send you some swag!


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