Upcoming Changes In Ruby And Node.Js Boxes

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Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
December 2, 2013

In the upcoming weeks we’re updating the versions of the Ruby and Node.js boxes. This post will detail the changes. We’ll also show you how you can set the version of a box.

Upcoming changes in the Node.js boxes

Wercker currently has 3 official Node.js boxes: wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.10 and wercker/nodejs. wercker/nodejs simply inherits from wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8 box. The other two boxes contain the latest incarnation of Node.js for their specific version. In the coming two weeks we’re going to change some things.

This week we’re going to upgrade the Node.js version inwercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8 to the latest 0.8 version. This is a small update from 0.8.24 to 0.8.25.

Next week we’ll be changing the inheritance of the wercker/nodejs box fromwercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8 to wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.10. So if you use the wercker/nodejs box, but require Node.js 0.8, then you either need to specify the version of the box in the wercker.yml or switch and use thewercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8 box. More information about specifying the box version shortly.

Upcoming changes in the Ruby boxes

We currently also have three official Ruby boxes, wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3,wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby2.0.0 and wercker/ruby. Where wercker/ruby inherits from wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3 and the two other boxes have the latest patch version of their Ruby version.

This week we’re going to upgrade both boxes to their latest patch level, 1.9.3-p484and 2.0.0-p353. Both changes should have minor impact.

Next week we’re also going to change the inheritance of the wercker/ruby box to use wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby2.0.0 instead of wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3. So if you use the wercker/ruby box, but require Ruby 1.9.3, then you need to set the version of the box in the wercker.yml or start using boxwercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3.

Specifying the box version

Wercker supports specifying a certain box (or step) version in your wercker.yml using semver. So if your code is not yet ready to upgrade to a new box, you can specify the current version of the box and this will prevent the build from using the latest version of the box.

You can specify a semver version by using a @ after the box name:

box: wercker/ruby@0.0.23

The example above will make sure you always use 0.0.23 version of thewercker/ruby box.

Note: if you don’t specify a version, you will get the latest version of the box.

Current versions

If you want to fix your build to use the current boxes you can use these box versions:

  • wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8: box: wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.8@0.0.10
  • wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.10: box: wercker/ubuntu12.04-nodejs0.10@1.0.0
  • wercker/nodejs: box: wercker/nodejs@0.0.12
  • wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3: box: wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby1.9.3@0.0.11
  • wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby2.0.0: box: wercker/ubuntu12.04-ruby2.0.0@0.3.1
  • wercker/ruby: box: wercker/ruby@0.0.23

Have fun!

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