How to Explain DevOps to Your Boss

Apr 4

"What do you know about DevOps? Is it something we should be using? Would it do us any good? Is it something we need in our operations, or is it just another new management theory? I'm not in the mood for any more new management theories—at least not this week."

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Docker vs. LXC—The Similarities and Differences

Mar 14

Docker is the hot topic at every tech conference, developer forum, and DevOps team meeting today. However, Docker isn’t the only (or the first) container technology. In fact, Docker itself was originally based on another container framework, Linux containers (LXC), which has been around for a decade.

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Wercker Steps Use Case: Rollbar-Notify

Mar 7

I’m a huge fan of the DevOps methodology, but it often suffers from information overload. With automation comes notifications, and if you’re not careful, these notifications can quickly become overwhelming. And after a while, it doesn’t matter how important a notification is—You eventually stop seeing them altogether.

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Slacking Test Notifications

Dec 23

When it comes to flexibility and ease-of-use in a CI/CD platform, I'm a huge fan of Wercker Steps. 

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My 5 favorite Wercker integrations

Dec 18

I won't lie, I love Wercker. While continuous delivery is a popular topic these days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a higher quality platform that seems to be built specifically with individual users in mind.

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Better automation on your changelogs

Dec 15

Changelogs are awesome.

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DevOps crisis plan

Sep 18

By design, DevOps is supposed to minimize the risk of errors and mitigate their impact when they occur. But mistakes are still inevitable.

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The DevOps Org Chart

Aug 30

Companies that think that DevOps is a technology-only endeavour are set up for failure. At best, they will create some short-lived automation, and will not support a delivery chain of an ever-changing application—which is just Waterfall 2.0. 

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Achieving Continuous Improvement Through Containers

Jul 27

When implementing a container environment, one of the worst things you can do is to complete the implementation and call it done. After all, few things in the world of IT can truly be managed with a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset. There is always room for further improvement and optimization.

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SOA vs. Microservices: What’s the Same? What’s Different?

Jul 27

Microservices are all the rage these days. But are they really a new idea?

If you were around and kicking in the 2000s, you may also remember when Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, was the cool way to design apps. In some respects, SOA is very similar to microservices.

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