Deploying a Microservice to GKE with GCR

Oct 20

This tutorial will show you how to take an example microservice from source code to a Kubernetes cluster using Wercker, Google Container Engine (GKE) and Google Container Registry (GCR).

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CI/CD: Automate your Firebase deploy with Wercker

Sep 19

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is by De Ville Weppenaar, a developer at Ad Dynamo, showing how to Automate your Firebase deploy with Wercker 

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How to run scheduled jobs to Kubernetes cluster

Aug 1

At Wercker we need to run scheduled jobs on our Kubernetes cluster. Since Kubernetes’ answer to cron (ScheduledJobs) isn’t quite production ready yet.

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Manage complex CI/CD automation scenarios with Workflows

May 19

We’re excited to announce the launch of Wercker Workflows, an important step toward solving the key automation challenges in CI/CD when deploying to cloud native architectures consisting of container registries and schedulers.

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How to publish Go Binaries with Wercker

Mar 23

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Arjen Schwarz, a cloud developer based in Melbourne, Australia.


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Deploy Docker containers to a digital ocean server |Guide

Feb 25

The goal of this guide is to get you comfortable automating your deployments to a Digital Ocean server using the wercker platform. 

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Deploy Docker containers to Amazon ECS |Guide

Oct 2

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is a container management service that allows you to run, stop and manage containers on a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.


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Deploy Docker containers to Mesosphere |Guide

Aug 14

In this post we’ll discuss how to deploy a project consisting of two services to Mesosphere, or more specifically a running Marathon instance.

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Guide | Dockerfiles Considered Harmful

Jul 28

Docker is a popular product for running and distributing containerized applications, and Dockerfiles are a common way of constructing those containers. Unfortunately, Dockerfiles and the underlying assumptions they base their philosophy on are anti-patterns for exactly the kind of use cases Docker wants to solve.


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Advanced Unit Testing Tools For Node.Js

Dec 24

Writing tests is a staple in providing quality code. Code of all varieties can benefit heavily from having an extensive test suite. Only by having automated tests in place can you guarantee that the assumptions you are making about your code are true.

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