SOA vs. Microservices: What’s the Same? What’s Different?

Jul 27

Microservices are all the rage these days. But are they really a new idea?

If you were around and kicking in the 2000s, you may also remember when Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, was the cool way to design apps. In some respects, SOA is very similar to microservices.

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How to Get Unstuck in Your DevOps Transformation

Jul 25

In today’s highly dynamic IT environments, DevOps transformations are all the rage. Yet DevOps transformations do not always go according to plan. Any number of things can completely derail a DevOps transformation. When issues occur, it’s important to take decisive action to get things back on track.

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Kubernetes Internals: Load Balancing

Jul 23

How does Kubernetes handle load balancing? That's a simple question, but it has a complicated set of answers.

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LinuxKit - Know the next solution for containers

Jul 20

The big news in the Docker world of late is the announcement of LinuxKit, which Docker developers created in conjunction with Intel, IBM, ARM and Microsoft. LinuxKit is a modular, compact, secure and portable framework for building tiny Linux-based operating systems that you can run inside a Docker container to serve as an application host.

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What's the difference between CI and CD, anyway?

Jun 28

Are you having trouble figuring out what constitutes a reasonable first step on the DevOps journey? Are you wondering whether continuous integration (CI) is enough for your needs, or whether you need to implement continuous delivery (CD)?

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Tips for building a successful microservices architecture

Jun 21

It’s possible to containerize legacy monolithic apps by running your entire app in a single container. However, that’s not the point of containerization.

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Is Docker insecure? (Hint:No)

Jun 19

Docker, which has now been around for four years, is the world's leading software container platform.

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Continuous Deployment with Wercker: A Tale of Python Bots

May 18

It started with a Twitter parody account, inspired by @BoredElonMusk...

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Testing with PHPUnit in Wercker

May 15

Unit testing isn't optional anymore. To be honest, I can't think of a time when it was optional. But as the DevOps community has grown, so has the emphasis on proper software development practices: automated build processes, atomic deployments, environmental parity—all things that a high quality CI/CD platform like Wercker offers.

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Using Wercker with Cloud Foundry

May 4

Wercker has fantastic integrations with a number of clouds and services. Yet, I recently found it missing an integration with Cloud Foundry.

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