Guide to Containers and Compliance

May 17

In traditional application environments, meeting compliance goals required paying attention to infrastructure like physical devices, unified data stores, and static networks.

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Why Continuous Improvement is Key to Continuous Delivery

May 10

Perhaps the most difficult dimension of DevOps is that DevOps never ends. There is no guide to doing DevOps, and there is no final setup that means you have completed your DevOps journey.

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My container conversion story

May 7

Like many people in the IT industry, when I first heard about Docker, I expected it to be yet another fad. After all, containerization is not something that is new to Linux. Tools like LXC, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ all offer to run your OS and apps in a container and share resources. They all were around well before Docker.

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Three things I wish Kubernetes could do

May 4

Over the last several years, Kubernetes has become an indispensable tool for organizations that use containers on a large scale. As great as Kubernetes is, however, there are some things that could make it even better.

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How Does Kubernetes Networking Actually Work?

May 1

Kubernetes is a cornerstone piece of open source technology in the container management and orchestration space. It includes all of the pieces necessary to provide a true highly available infrastructure for container-based services running on multiple public clouds, private clouds, or even bare metal.

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Why "Docker vs. VMs" Is the Wrong Way to Think

Apr 27

"Docker vs. virtual machines: Which should you use?"

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The new Steps Store has landed!

Apr 5

Team Oracle + Wercker would like to invite you to try out the next generation of Steps! 

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How to Explain DevOps to Your Boss

Apr 4

"What do you know about DevOps? Is it something we should be using? Would it do us any good? Is it something we need in our operations, or is it just another new management theory? I'm not in the mood for any more new management theories—at least not this week."

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Docker vs. LXC—The Similarities and Differences

Mar 14

Docker is the hot topic at every tech conference, developer forum, and DevOps team meeting today. However, Docker isn’t the only (or the first) container technology. In fact, Docker itself was originally based on another container framework, Linux containers (LXC), which has been around for a decade.

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Wercker Steps Use Case: Rollbar-Notify

Mar 7

I’m a huge fan of the DevOps methodology, but it often suffers from information overload. With automation comes notifications, and if you’re not careful, these notifications can quickly become overwhelming. And after a while, it doesn’t matter how important a notification is—You eventually stop seeing them altogether.

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