Kubernetes, Stackdriver, AWS highlights from Google Nex

Mar 28

Some of the Wercker team went to Google Next! Here are some highlights of the event.


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Announcing Our Series A Funding

Jan 28

Today is an exciting day for wercker and its community. We are happy to announce we’ve raised a $4.5 million funding round, led by INKEF Capitalwith backing from our existing investor Notion Capital.

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Wercker Slack Channel | ChatOps

Oct 7

We’ve just launched our public wercker Slack channel!

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Introducing Our Newest Teammember Walter

Aug 13

We’re super excited to announce the latest addition to the team. This week marks Walter’s first at Wercker.

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How to achieve dev-test-prod parity in a microservices world.

Jul 29

Last week our CTO, termie gave a talk at the SF Microservices meetup on achieving dev-test-prod parity in a microservices world.

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Wercker raises a new round of funding

Oct 2

Today is a great day for wercker and its community! We’re pleased to announce our new $2.4m funding round, and very excited about taking wercker to the next level with this new investment and the insights and experience of our investors. We want to thank all of the wercker community for helping us make this happen and look forward to making wercker an even better platform!

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Developer Contributions

Mar 11

We have updated our docker environment to have the latest docker version and we’ve also increased the HDD size.

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Relaunching Our Dev Center

May 23

At wercker we are firm believers in excellent documentation. As developers ourselves we want to be up and running with a new technolgy or system as fast as possible. 

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Devopsdays Amsterdam

May 22

The Devopsdays Amsterdam are upon us! Previous conferences were in London, New York, Mountain View and even Sao Paulo, and now Amsterdam will bring you the event where you can learn more about dev and ops working together.

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Our new logo

May 21

Today, we excited to announce our new logo and in this post we’d love to share our process with you. 

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