CI/CD: Automate your Iconic package build with Wercker

Jul 13

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is by De Ville Weppenaar, a developer at Ad Dynamo, showing how to Automate your Ionic package build with Wercker.

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How to publish Go Binaries with Wercker

Mar 23

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Arjen Schwarz, a cloud developer based in Melbourne, Australia.


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Workflows for your Docker containers and the Modern Cloud

Mar 9

We knew containers were going to be big ever since 2011, back when we were executing user jobs with LXC containers. 

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Deploy Docker containers to a digital ocean server |Guide

Feb 25

The goal of this guide is to get you comfortable automating your deployments to a Digital Ocean server using the wercker platform. 

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Deploy Docker containers to Amazon ECS |Guide

Oct 2

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is a container management service that allows you to run, stop and manage containers on a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.


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Read how Pivotal uses Wercker for developer onboarding

Aug 25

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry Solutions (PCFS) team at Pivotal uses Wercker for lightning fast onboarding of new team members. 

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Achieve Prod/Dev Parity and rapidly iterate on Microservices

Aug 25

As part of our inexorable march towards prod/dev parity, we’re launching support for Local Services today.

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Deploy Docker containers to Mesosphere |Guide

Aug 14

In this post we’ll discuss how to deploy a project consisting of two services to Mesosphere, or more specifically a running Marathon instance.

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Golang Client Library

Aug 6

Last May we introduced our API preview . This allows developers to integrate their own applications with the wercker platform. Today we are excited to release a Go library which helps Go developers to access the  wercker API


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Guide | Dockerfiles Considered Harmful

Jul 28

Docker is a popular product for running and distributing containerized applications, and Dockerfiles are a common way of constructing those containers. Unfortunately, Dockerfiles and the underlying assumptions they base their philosophy on are anti-patterns for exactly the kind of use cases Docker wants to solve.


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