Our most popular Kubernetes Steps (plugins)

Jan 4

Since it's likely that those news years resolutions to be "the dev-master" are probably waning we thought it high time to present to you an updated list of handy steps (plugins) for fixing problems you didn’t even realize you had. 

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Meet Walterbot

Dec 13

For a long time, Wercker has had support for after-steps which allow you to setup notifications for apps like Slack and though this works great for team notifications, there are situations where only YOU want to get a notification, and for that, we have a slack app: Walterbot

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Kubernetes with Stern

Nov 8

We have a deep love for Kubernetes and have built all our infrastructure on top of it.

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Our most popular Steps for interacting with Kubernetes clusters

Nov 7

The Wercker Steps Registry contains a plethora of useful Steps that carry out automation tasks in your Pipelines. Our most popular steps for integrating directly with Kubernetes include:

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Moving fast with Microservices

Nov 1

It’s been over five years that Marc Andreessen wrote the much-publicized essay on “why software is eating the world”.

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CI/CD: Automate your Firebase deploy with Wercker

Sep 19

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is by De Ville Weppenaar, a developer at Ad Dynamo, showing how to Automate your Firebase deploy with Wercker 

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Container and Microservices | News and Events | Vol 8

Sep 13

Check out the latest news from our ecosystem partners and some interesting reads from around the web.


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Kubernetes cluster with Docker containers

Sep 6

This article is going to show you how to automate getting your code out of your git repository and into a Kubernetes cluster with Wercker. 

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DX: Heavybit Devguild Roundup | Event

Aug 30

On 27 July, Heavybit, the 9-month program for developer oriented companies, organized their Developer Product Design summit at the Folsom Street Foundry.

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How to run scheduled jobs to Kubernetes cluster

Aug 1

At Wercker we need to run scheduled jobs on our Kubernetes cluster. Since Kubernetes’ answer to cron (ScheduledJobs) isn’t quite production ready yet.

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