LinuxKit - Know the next solution for containers

Jul 20

The big news in the Docker world of late is the announcement of LinuxKit, which Docker developers created in conjunction with Intel, IBM, ARM and Microsoft. LinuxKit is a modular, compact, secure and portable framework for building tiny Linux-based operating systems that you can run inside a Docker container to serve as an application host.

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Containers and cost optimizations

Jun 16

There is an old saying that time is money. Perhaps nowhere does this statement ring truer than in modern development environments. At its core, software development is an effort to automate business processes. The assumption is therefore that the resulting software will yield tangible business value.

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Continuous Deployment with Wercker: A Tale of Python Bots

May 18

It started with a Twitter parody account, inspired by @BoredElonMusk...

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Your Software Stack 10 Years Ago vs. Your Stack Today

May 11

The software stack 10 years ago was simple. Requests started at the client side, and they could be answered from a web server itself, or sent for additional processing to an application server or MySQL database.

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What Does "Docker Native" Really Mean?

Apr 28

Docker is an increasingly ubiquitous tool used by hobbyists and enterprises alike, but despite that popularity, many organizations fail to utilize the containerization platform to its full potential.

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The ultimate guide to container registries

Apr 21

Containers are created from container image files. There are container images for most popular software tools and utilities like Ubuntu, Redis, and NGINX.

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Container and Microservices | News and Events | Vol 14

Mar 27

Spring is upon us. With the change in season comes more exciting news and events for all things container-related. First off, we would like to wish Docker a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We would also like to celebrate the February release of Go 1.8 - you go, Go! Will you be in Berlin this week for KubeCon? Our very own Solutions Architect Aaron Rice is participating in the Pancake Breakfast kickoff...

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Our Docker story | Why we switched to Docker

Mar 15

There are still many development teams out there that are taking their first tentative steps towards Docker, planning to make a move, or that have adopted Docker, but not in production.

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6 tips for securing Docker containers

Mar 13

Docker’s stand on security is that its container platform is built to be secure by default. However, during attacks, the defaults aren’t enough, and you need a deliberate security strategy.

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Top tips for building lean containers

Feb 20

2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for production containers.

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