Most read engineering posts of 2016

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Victoria Domalik
Victoria Domalik
December 28, 2016

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to take a second to reflect on the blog posts that resonated with Wercker users and made the sometimes tricky world of development that little bit easier. Here is a round-up of the top ten most read tutorials and general posts of 2016. 


10. Automate your Ionic package build 

This tutorial has a look at how Wercker can be used with Ionic to simplify the building of your mobile app packages. Originally posted on De Ville Weppenaar's blog


9. Tail multiple pods with Stern and Kubernetes 

This post describes and links to a simple utility that tails multiple Kubernetes pods. Originally posted on the Kubernetes blog.


8. Publishing Go binaries with Wercker

This tutorial describes the trials and tribulations of a chat bot called Igor. (Speaking of bots, have you downloaded Walterbot?) Originally posted on Arjen Schwarz's blog.


7. Learn how to parallel test your code

This tutorial will show you how to speed up your testing and deployment with parallel testing, multiple concurrency and Wercker.  


6. Deploying a microservices to GKE with GCR 

This tutorial will show you how to take an example microservice from source code to a Kubernetes cluster using Wercker, Google Container Engine (GKE) and Google Container Registry (GCR).


5. Deploying a microservice to Kubernetes 

This tutorial will show you how to take an example microservice from source code to running on a Kubernetes cluster using Wercker.


4. Switching from Backbone to react 

In this post, we describe our front-end journey from Backbone to React


3. How to set up alerts on Prometheus 

This tutorial will show you how to setup the Alert Manager on Kubernetes


2. Kubernetes and workflow tutorial

This tutorial is going to show you how to automate getting your code out of your git repository and into a Kubernetes cluster with Wercker.


And finally...


1. Deploying Docker containers to digital ocean  

The goal of this guide is to get you comfortable automating your deployments to a Digital Ocean server using the wercker platform.

A special thanks to ALL our contributors and Partners its been an amazing year. 



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