This Week In Developer Contributions

Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
November 6, 2013

We’ve had some awesome developer contributions this week, and we’d like to discuss some of them!


  • As we blogged about last week, MJDSYS created a Riak box which you can use as a service inside your wercker pipeline.

  • Sticking with all things Erlang, Tom Janssens developed a bleeding-edge Erlang boxpacked with Erlang version R17A that now has support for the maps datatype.

  • Our good friend Peter Peerdeman launched a PHP box that comes with PHP version 5.5, karma, angular and php-mysqlnd (the native php mysql driver).

  • Martin Naumann developed a box packed with Go and RethinkDB both installed via apt-get

  • Switching to steps, Vinietje created a step that allows you to deploy your .war file to Apache Tomcat.

  • Similarly, Sjoerd Mulder developed a deploy step that leverages rsync.

Thanks goes out to all of you for building these boxes and steps and being part of the wercker ecoysystem.

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