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Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Lindsey Bateman
Lindsey Bateman
October 16, 2013

A mostly subtle change, but we are happy with the improvements we made on our menu bar.

New menu bar

Our goal was to create more focus on the content and a less obstrusive navigation.

What we did is, combine the top bar with the side bar and designed a minimized version of the side bar. The new menu now minimizes itself after logging in on wercker, showing only the icons. On touch/rollover, it animates to show the full menu. The nice thing is, it animates really snappy and doesn’t slow you down.

When frequently using wercker you get a quick sense of the menu, it’s there when you need it but now in a more subtle way. The benefit is we can utilize the extra space for more important stuff like your apps and running builds / deploys.

New menu bar

The extra space we gained is best experienced on tablets, the menu bar open and closes on touch and now more than ever this kind of menus are widely accepted in apps.

We are constantly working on these kind of improvements that make wercker better and a more mature application. Luckely we have really awesome users who help us by giving great feedback.

We hope you like the new menu bar so far and as always your feedback is more than welcome.

Earn some stickers!

Let us know about the applications you build with wercker. Don’t forget to tweet out a screenshot of your first green build with #wercker and we’ll send you some @wercker stickers.

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