The new Steps Store has landed!

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Victoria Domalik
Victoria Domalik
April 5, 2018

Team Oracle + Wercker would like to invite you to try out the next generation of Steps! 

What's different?

We have completely re-designed our Steps functionality, migrated it away from our Classic Stack and implemented a brand new UI that should greatly improve your interactions with the feature. This is both in response to feedback from users, and part of our plan to deprecate Wercker Classic in favor of our well-established current platform, Wercker Workflows.

The future

As we've updated the interface around Steps, we're going to be adding a ton of new features to Steps in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Don't know what steps are?

You're in the right place! Steps are small, self-contained automation scripts that can be used in your Wercker Runs to save you time on repeatable, common tasks. They are written by both our users and Oracle+Wercker, and are exposed on a shared marketplace, available for all!

They are:

  • Implementable with a couple of lines inside your wercker.yml files
  • Searchable on our Steps Store
  • Completely free and open-source

Steps allow you to:

  • Carry out common tasks inside of your CI/CD flows without duplicating code. (They work just like plugins)
  • Instill good engineering conventions within your company (share your Steps with your team!)
  • Take advantage of Wercker's wider community. (Steps are always being improved!)

We revamped our documentation to reflect these changes. We'll be adding more documentation as we go along, but you can check out what you need to get started here

A flavor of how to use Steps

(please note that due to our UI upgrade the pictures are not 100% accurate, but none-the-less describe what you can do with Steps while we make some new content)

Having trouble?

Reach out to us by clicking the green question mark icon at the bottom right of the screen OR our public slack channel


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