Skipping Builds On Wercker

Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Jacco Flenter
Jacco Flenter
May 2, 2014

Not every commit might need a build on wercker, for instance when you’re working on a README or other type of documentation. Today we’re introducing the [ci skip] functionality to skip builds.

How to skip a build

In order to skip a build you can include [ci skip] or [skip ci] anywhere in your commit message.

Wercker will mark this build as aborted in your feed and build list. In the near future we will introduce an alternative status for skipped builds on wercker.

Earn some stickers!

Let us know about the applications you build with wercker. Don’t forget to tweet out a screenshot of your first green build with #wercker and we’ll send you some@wercker stickers.

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