Meet Walterbot

Get more out of slack: our Walterbot app allows you to directly interact with the notifications that matter to you. 

Jacco Flenter
Jacco Flenter
December 13, 2016

For a long time, Wercker has had support for after-steps which allow you to setup notifications for apps like Slack and though this works great for team notifications, there are situations where only YOU want to get a notification, and for that, we have a slack app: Walterbot

The Slack app

The app extends your team's Slack with two things: the/walterslash command and the bot Walterbot. With the slash command, you can manage your subscriptions, and Walterbot will post updates via direct messages.



Notifications provide links to the app, the run and also contains buttons for quick actions such as retry/rerun and view logs. 

Example notification



Setting up notifications is done using the /walter slash command. You can get notifications about finished runs for any app on wercker you have access to. Adding a subscription is as easy as:

/walter subscribe to yourcompany/appname for build on fail by me

For more information on supported commands, see our devcenter article on walterbot.


The app allows you to get more useful notifications regarding passed/failed runs, which you can configure per app and even per pipeline/author. Something we've never supported until now. We're excited! You too? Start using it now! 


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