Introduction To Environment Variables

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Jacco Flenter
Jacco Flenter
May 13, 2014

Environment variables are the defacto way to retrieve information on wercker. Wercker provides a lot of information by default that we can use in our steps.

Environment Variables

So let’s look at a couple of them that you can leverage, apart from those made available through services as mentioned above.

WERCKER_GIT_OWNER wercker The owner of the repository
WERCKER_GIT_REPOSITORY step-bundle-install The name of the repository
WERCKER_GIT_BRANCH master The branch name
WERCKER_GIT_COMMIT ef306b2479a7ecd433 7875b4d954a4c8fc18 e237 The commit hash
WERCKER_SOURCE_DIR $WERCKER_ROOT/src The path to the directory of the source code
WERCKER_CACHE_DIR /cache The path to the cache directory. This directory will be stored after the pipeline completes and restored when the pipeline runs again
WERCKER_STEP_ROOT /wercker/steps/wercker /bundle-install/0.9.1 The path to the working directory of the step that is currently executed. It contains the full content as deployed to the wercker directory
WERCKER_STEP_ID 9c182f44-e12d-4daf-91eb-a48d0540cc10 The unique idenfier for the step, unique for each build/deploy.
WERCKER_STEP_NAME bundle-install The name of the step as specified by the step inwercker-step.yml
WERCKER_REPORT_MESSAGE_FILE $WERCKER_REPORT_DIR/ $WERCKER_STEP_ID/ message.txt The location of a file you can use to output additonal information about the step.

Environment variables are made available in the different steps that get executed in the wercker pipeline. For more information on how variables are made available and handled on the wercker platform, have a look on our devcenter.

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