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Erin Lettire
Erin Lettire
October 12, 2016

Why hello there, so nice to see you again. It’s been a while since we last ran into each other and I have quite a bit to share with you.

Our group has grown since the last time that we were all together in February, which is the perfect excuse to get everyone together for one of our favorite activities - TEAM BUILDING!

Our first event is glow in the dark 3D mini-golf during which we split into groups of four, don our 3D glasses and traverse a treacherous staircase into the depths of Noah’s Arq for a round of golf among technicolor dragons, dinosaurs, Spartans, Neptunes, and Nessie. Anyone that has read my blog post about my previous visit knows that I am not the most coordinated person when it comes to leisure sports, and I was fairly certain that miniature golf would be a similar experience.

Much to my surprise, it turns out that I am not that terrible - at least not as bad as I am at bowling ;-). I finish with a score that a solid middle for the group. You may not be able to see me but know that I am doing a victory dance about this as I type.

After mini-golf we head over to Hannekes Boom, a really cool bar on the side of one of the canals, and snag a table outside under the colored lights. We drink beers and eat nachos and bitterballen - the perfect combination of California and Dutch bar cuisine! One our hunger has been sated, we all head to our respective homes, hotels, and Airbnbs to get some rest for the GO meetup that we are hosting at the Wercker gym the next day.

team wercker

I wake up the next morning for coffee with the Monica to my Rachel, Rita - the Amsterdam half of Team Vibe, aka my better half ;-). Although we talk every day, it is especially nice to do so both in person and in the same time zone. We head to the office after to knock out some work and prepare for the evening.

Cut to later in the day and my second meetup in the Wercker gym. Our very own @faiqus gives an excellent talk about how we built an automation platform with our product on top of Kubernetes that services over 100,000 builds a day (to a very full house, I might add!) along with three other guest speakers: Amsterdam GO meetup organizer Orne Brocaar, Ian Crosby of Container Solutions, and eBay’s Frank Schroeder.

the gym

faiq talk

The fun isn’t over yet! Thursday brings us to De School - an awesome nightclub/restaurant in a former technical school - for team lunch. The weather is a zillion times better this trip, perfect for sitting outside. We laugh, we talk, we drink fancy juices. It’s hard to believe that my time here is almost over.

team photo

Rita and I head out that evening for two of my favorite things, pasta and wine! The best part about this job is that, even though we are rockstars as teammates, we have also become really good friends. It is worth mentioning that we showed up 3 out of the 5 days of the week in the same outfit without planning it. I have to say, I love her style!

Friday evening is bittersweet - one the one hand, I get to drink delicious beers at the Oedipus brewery in North with my fellow Werckers that are in town for the weekendand eat the best burger that I have ever had from the Beef Chief. On the other hand, it is my last evening in town and I have to say goodbye to everyone. All said and done, it has been another fantastic trip and I can’t wait for the next round of team shenanigans. Until next time, my friends!


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