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Erin Lettire
Erin Lettire
October 31, 2016

Welcome to “Inside Wercker,” where we introduce you to one of our team members. This time we’ll get to know Victoria. You can follow her on Twitter.

sassy bike


Who are you and what do you do at Wercker?

My name is Victoria Domalik, South African born, London local. I am the Marketing Communications Manager at Wercker.


When did you know that you wanted to be a developer (or whatever your role is)?

Hahaha, I love stock questions. I am not a developer. I have, however, completed a variety of Code Academy and General Assembly courses on subjects as varied as ‘introduction to terminal’, 'HTML and CSS for Dummies’ and SQL (I know, kill me now). Currently wrestling with Python. 

In regards to Marketing, it’s not something I set out to 'do’, I fell into it when I fell into the tech scene here in London, which I fell into because I have a degree and masters in the humanities…


What attracted you to Wercker?

After a few years at a startup that grew up, I wanted to flex my muscles in an environment that needed me to be the jack of all trades that I naturally am. I raised my head above the parapet, and the first person that crashed into me was Wayne (our CCO) I had an interview with him and Mies (CEO) and joined almost instantaneously.

I love developer marketing. It’s honest. I don’t have to use emotive language or make people feel like they’re missing out. We have a great product and people genuinely want to use it. A dream really.


What software do you use?

The Marketing team use Hubspot along with all the other applications that you’d expect a marketing team to use. On a personal level, I have a chrome extension called 'emotional labour’ that I sometimes use to pepper my correspondence with smileys. I also use Hemmingway app, Grammarly, Photoshop (funny pics don't just happen), Cloud app (daily and mainly for funny pics) and Full page screen capture to name but a few.


What side projects are you proud of?

This summer my best mate and I started a motorcycle customs workshop called Hondog customs. I recently got my CBT, and we completely customised my standard red Suzuki GN125 into a beautiful sexy chrome street tracker called Yoshi. We’ve also done some minor/major work on other bikes and recently bought, stored, and then sold a couple of boxes of motorcycle parts because honestly, who would want to deal with a box of motorcycle parts?


Where would we run into you when you’re not sitting behind a computer?

I’m usually found stalking the streets and pubs of London fields with my beloved cava poo, Charlie. Failing that you’ll find me in my garage fussing and tinkering.

Want to get to know more about Wercker? We’re hiring, so check out the careers page for open positions in Amsterdam and San Francisco.



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