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Erin Lettire
Erin Lettire
February 27, 2017

Welcome to “Inside Wercker,” a feature where we introduce you to one of our team members. This time we get to know Ashima Kudaisya, Growth and Martech Manager at Wercker. You can follower her on LinkedIn.

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Who are you and what do you do at Wercker?

As an Indo-Canadian, I spent the first half of my life in Middle East (Qatar and Kuwait) and the second half in Canada. I moved to London 4 years ago with my husband, and now am a mom to the sweetest little girl.

At Wercker, I do my best to make ideas a reality :) Specifically, I am the Growth and Martech Manager. I am responsible for optimizing the revenue funnel and executing growth programs through software tools. This includes lead generation, churn reduction, and optimization of the user journey. As I get deeper into my role, I find myself sitting more and more between marketing and product development (gotta love that!).


What attracted you to a career in marketing?

Honestly, I fell into Marketing in quite an unorthodox way.

I graduated as an Engineer with flying colours, and along with a best friend (who is now my husband!), I landed myself a great job in what was then the Canadian Telcom giant Nortel. I spent 3 years there but knew very early on that I wasn't cut out for the big corporate companies. I thrive on chaos, pressure and creating an impact. I was itching to learn something new everyday and wanted to know everything about how a business is run. I looked for other options to which I was better suited, and the first opportunity I got was as an operations officer in a small marketing agency (serving tech companies). That's where I got exposed to all things marketing.

Marketing is a vast field, but what attracts me to marketing is the technical side of things. Every action online can be measurable and define intelligent next steps. Because it can be so data and process driven, it means endless possibilities to experiment - i.e. never a dull repetitive moment.


What brought/Attracted you to Wercker?

After 3 years at my previous workplace in mobile payments, I felt it was time to move on to new and greener pastures. I first explored opportunities in similar payment companies which were all corporate giants. Like before, nothing had changed. I did not find myself attracted to any challenge that I interviewed for. After a couple of months, I decided to explore all of my options, specifically those in tech startups. Within a week of doing so, I was across the table from our CCO learning about Wercker.

What attracted me the most to Wercker was that this was a totally new field for me. Most importantly, the opportunity to create an impact was tremendous. I felt very comfortable with the culture at Wercker throughout the interview process as well. Any action I'd take would have a chance to have a compounding affect. This made me nervous, but more excited, and I knew that I had found my calling.


What software do you use?

With an intention to slowly but surely build an awesome marketing stack for the company, the main tool I use today for Wercker is Hubspot which I have implemented as the core marketing automation software as well as CRM. In addition to this, I use Mixpanel, Keen, Google analytics, Google tag manager, and Crazy egg for analytics. I also frequently use Ahref for link building and competitor research and Screaming Frog for crawling the site for broken links. Finally, I use Clearbit for data enrichment and Slack for team collaboration.


What side projects are you proud of?

I've always been the kind who has learnt the best by experimenting and getting their hands dirty. In between my move from Canada to the UK, which took a few months, I decided to start my own e-commerce clothing store. My initial intention was to create a playground on the side to understand operations, users, processes and online marketing better, but when I started it - like a true entrepreneur - I was living and breathing my project. This included trips to India, sourcing talent, working with photographers, managing a team and vendors, procuring products and so on. I launched successfully and grew it mostly organically. I worked on it for over a year but decided to pause it after moving to London, which did not have the best product-market fit, and also since I was enjoying my work experience in the city.

I was proud of single handedly creating a venture and learning as much as I did. I have no doubts I'll resume it one day.


Where would we run into you when you’re not sitting behind a computer?

On Chiswick High Road with my family, at some street market trying delicacies, or at London Heathrow airport (summer is fast approaching, when I get a nasty travel bug!).

Want to get to know more about Wercker? We’re hiring, so check out the careers page for open positions in Amsterdam and San Francisco.

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