Kubernetes, Stackdriver, AWS highlights from Google Nex

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Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
March 28, 2016
Some of the Wercker team went to Google Next! Here are some highlights of the event.


A lot of attention at Google Next went to Kubernetes the open source scheduler based on Google Borg that just hit version 1.2. Some of the improvements featured are auto-provisioning of storage (with the capability of selecting from a number of backends) and at Google Next a live demo of rolling updates across a hybrid cluster that also consisted of bare metal servers was showcased!

At Google Next, Stackdriver was announced, which is a single pane of glass for monitoring, incident reporting, logging and alerting. Stackdriver not only works with Google Cloud but also with Amazon Web Services. The Stackdriver dashboard provides a unified view across different cloud providers, with private cloud coming in the near future.



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