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Lindsey Bateman
Lindsey Bateman
February 25, 2014
We received several requests for making your code on GitHub or BitBucket more accessible through the commit hashes. We’re happy to announce a few updates on this front!


You can now find a link to your commit on either GitHub or Bitbucket on your individual build pages.


What if your build failed or something broke during the deploy, we made it easier for you to quickly jump to your code changes on GitHub or Bitbucket. Now, in the list of commits the hashes link directly to your Git commit.

But what if after a merge, you have a bunch of commits in a build, you don’t want to open your commits one by one to find the problem. For this, we’ve added a button on the top right corner of the commit list that makes use of the compare feature of either GitHub and BitBucket; it summarizes all the code changes on a single page.

Hope you like these updates!

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