Create faster build times with Store Step

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Toon Verbeek
Toon Verbeek
October 19, 2015

Today we’re glad to announce one of the most asked-for features: the optional store step!

Faster build times with new internal step

We’ve moved the store step into a new seperate step calledinternal/store-container. What this means for you is that your containers will no longer be exported on every build, unless you explicitly add this step to yourwercker.yml. More importantly: this means faster build times!

You can find the new documentation for the internal/store-container step on ourdevcenter.

Public Slack channel

In other exciting news: we launched our public Slack channel last week! We’ve already passed the 100-member mark, so join us to talk about all things containers, microservices and continuous development!

New screencasts

We love screencasts and we love making them. We think screencasts are the best way to learn about complex subjects so expect a lot more to come in the future. For now, check out these deployment tutorials:

Local services

Want to develop multiple microservices locally, but are you getting tired of spinning up containers seperately? Have you tried Docker Compose but think it’s not enough? Try out our brand new feature local services. With local services, you can specify which services your project is dependent on and continuously execute all your code in containers!


As usual, if you want to stay in the loop follow us on twitter @wercker or hop on our public slack channel. If it’s your first time using wercker, be sure to tweet out your #greenbuilds and we’ll send you some swag!


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