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Benno van den berg
Benno van den berg
March 20, 2014

We have updated our Docker environment to have the latest docker version and we’ve also increased the HDD size.


Docker 0.9.0 was released some time ago with 2 major improvements: execution drivers and libcontainer. We’ve updated our wercker docker environment to include this latest version.

Bigger HDD

We have increased the HDD size available on the host environment. Beforehand the HDD size was only 8 gigabytes large and this disksize also had to accomodate the Linux OS. We’ve now increased the space available to 64 gigabytes, though this still includes the Linux OS.


We’re using packer to create our host machine images. We’ve open sourced the image for the docker environment and you can find the repository here. So if you are missing a new feature or found a bug in our Docker environment, then please open a pull request to our repository!

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