Container and Microservices | News and Events | Vol 11

Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Erin Lettire
Erin Lettire
November 25, 2016

Although the year is coming to a close, we still have some awesome news and events to share with you:

  • Happy Birthday, Golang! GO celebrates 7 years of continued use and growth in the developer community.
  • Wercker announces the launch of Virtual Private Pipelines, a Single-Tenant, SaaS delivered Docker-native CI/CD automation platform that is managed and scalable and ideally suited to Cloud-Native development. Find more information about VPP here.

Check out more of the latest news from our ecosystem partners and some interesting reads from around the web. Highlights include our very own Antti Kupila on How to Tail Multiple Pods in Kubernetes with Stern (the full tutorial can be found here on the Kubernetes blog) and the launch of Helm 2.0. We've also rounded up relevant events coming up in December in San Francisco, Amsterdam, London and Berlin.







We’re hiring! Check out the careers page for open positions in Amsterdam and San Francisco. If you have an event or news you’d like to see highlighted here, please share it with

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