Autodeployment With Wercker

Wercker is a Docker-Native CI/CD Automation platform for Kubernetes & Microservice Deployments

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
June 6, 2013

Auto-deploying your applications with wercker. Wercker’s auto deploy feature enables you to automatically update your applications for selected git branches, increasing developer velocity even more.

This week we’ve added a new feature to wercker that streamlines your deployment process even more.

You are now able to auto-deploy your build for specific deploy targets (dev, staging, production).

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Internally we use auto deploy for our dev center but not for mission critical services. We can imagine developers leveraging auto-deploy for staging environments, feature branch deploy targets or, for instance, their blogs.

Previously, we’ve outlined how to build and deploy your Jekyll-based blog to S3 with wercker; an ideal candidate for auto-deployment.

deploy target wercker

You are also able to specify which git branch you want auto deployed, ideal for when you are working on a new feature.

Let us know what you think, and deploy safely!


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