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Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
Micha Hernandez van Leuffen
March 27, 2015

Today, we’re happy to announce organizations on wercker. Organizations help you manage your applications when working with multiple collaborators and make access management easy and efficient.

How organizations work

The creator of an organization is automatically added to the owners team. The owners team is responsible for the applications, people, teams, and, access management of an organization and has admin access to all applications in an organization. You can create an organization from your profile page under the organizations submenu.


Owners are allowed to change the profile of an organization, set people’s visibility of belonging to an organization to public or private, create teams and, assign people to those teams.


When adding a new application to wercker you get to choose who the owner of the application should be; this could be either yourself or an organization which you administer. Next, in order to add collaborators to an application you can select a team that you want to give access.


Things to take note of

If you want to migrate an existing application to an organization, make sure you’ve created an organization first and then transfer ownership in the settings section.


Organizations are free to use while in beta, and please note that currently transferring an application to an organization is a one way process, meaning that you cannot transfer ownership once an organization has an application.

Read more about using organization on our devcenter

Going forward

Some of the items we have on the roadmap for organizations going forward are:

  • the ability to transfer ownership of an organization itself to another user or organization
  • the migration of an existing user to an organization
  • transferring ownerships of applications within an organization to another user or organization

Keep an eye out on this blog for future updates!


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