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Erin Lettire
Erin Lettire
March 30, 2016

Why, hello there - @elettire here on a rainy Saturday and I feel the need to bring you all in on the awesomeness that has been my first few weeks at Wercker. 

 I know, I know - you are probably thinking “they must be paying her to do this.”

wercker in amsterdam

Rest assured that this comes directly from my desire to document the amazing experience I’ve been having (as I sit on a couch overlooking the beautiful Pacific).


I mean, clearly they do pay me — I am a part of team wercker!

wercker in ams

Let’s start with the SF team’s trip to Amsterdam for two weeks (during my third week here) and the super fun times that ensued. Sunday afternoon we board a flight to Amsterdam, arriving Monday late morning. Side note: I’m so thankful that I am a good airplane sleeper. I am terrible at sleep when home, but get me on a plane, and I will crash out for as long as need be.

The next day, we board two buses to a previously undisclosed location for our annual offsite event. The undisclosed location turns out to be a gigantic beach house in Noordwijk with enough beds to fit the entire team, a sweet kitchen and table big enough for all of us to eat together — and the best part — an awesome lower level with a heated indoor pool and arcade games.

wercker team by pool

Naturally, this also ends up being the spot where we hold our presentations because who doesn’t love presenting to people in purple mood lighting? Kudos to my superb teammate, Rita, for finding such a perfect place for us!

wercker team dinner

The first night, Team Vibe presents, we all pitch in to make dinner and clean up, then play in the pool. While we’ve all talked to each other on Slack, this is the first time we’ve all been in the same room and really gotten to know each other.

Awesomely enough, everyone turns out to be funny, smart and amazing in person! The next day, we teamwork the heck out of breakfast, then head to Leiden to try our hand at the Rembrandt Escape Room. Unfortunately, my team was unsuccessful in solving all of the puzzles in time, but the other Wercker team nailed it - in fact, I think they were out 15 minutes before their time was up.

wercker team at bowling

We head back to the house for quick dinner, then on to disco bowling where I almost doubled my best bowling score ever (not going to tell you what it used to be because you won’t be nearly as impressed if I do).

I have to say that, although I may be one of the worst bowlers ever, my team was always there with a high five - even when I threw gutterball number five (ok, ok seven) in a row.

wercker owning stage

On Thursday, we head back to Amsterdam and our marketing whiz Laura, Rita and I prepare for our first meetup in our new office - which also happens to be the first meetup for both Rita and myself. Cut to later that evening, when the Gym (did I mention that our office is in an old school gymnasium?) is full of people, pizza, and beers for the Docker meetup that we are hosting.

wercker cto presentation

Our very own CTO, Andy Smith, gives a fantastic talk about testing Wercker with Wercker by running containers inside containers (Inception FTW!), along with two other guest speakers: TomTom’s Dmytro Gorbunov and VMturbo’s Endre Sara.

wercker paints office

The weekend is a lot of fun. My new cowerckers take time away from their friends and families to show me some of the great places in Amsterdam. We finish out Sunday by painting the office. I know that sounds like a chore, but somehow even painting an office is fun with Team Wercker.


The next week is when I really start to get settled in Amsterdam. Rita and I are interviewed about all things Vibe by NRC Next. We work hard, but we also get to play hard with a private cocktail class at Doka and a beer tasting hosted by our very own Benno van den Berg. Not only is Benno incredibly nice, smart, and really good at his werck, but he knows a ton about beer. Naturally, this evolves into a dance party at the Wercker Gym. Have I mentioned how amazing and fun all of these people are? It was the perfect end to our trip.

wercker dinner

The next day, we head back to San Francisco with me missing everyone before I even board the plane. I am so happy to be part of this team: I feel like they are my family. In fact, I interact with them more than my family or friends - and anyone that knows me knows that I spend a lot of my time with friends. Looking forward to the next trip to Amsterdam!


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