Kubernetes' killer features

Jun 27

2016 was quite the year for the Kubernetes project. With record-setting attendance at Kubecon, almost bi-weekly feature releases to the Kubernetes platform, and large-scale adoption, Kubernetes has truly become the belle of the container ball over the past year.

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Tips for building a successful microservices architecture

Jun 21

It’s possible to containerize legacy monolithic apps by running your entire app in a single container. However, that’s not the point of containerization.

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Is Docker insecure? (Hint:No)

Jun 19

Docker, which has now been around for four years, is the world's leading software container platform.

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Containers and cost optimizations

Jun 16

There is an old saying that time is money. Perhaps nowhere does this statement ring truer than in modern development environments. At its core, software development is an effort to automate business processes. The assumption is therefore that the resulting software will yield tangible business value.

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Kubernetes: troubleshooting ingress and services traffic flows

May 23

Kubernetes is a great platform to run your application on, and it handles a lot of the heavy lifting on wiring up your application together.

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Continuous Deployment with Wercker: A Tale of Python Bots

May 18

It started with a Twitter parody account, inspired by @BoredElonMusk...

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Testing with PHPUnit in Wercker

May 15

Unit testing isn't optional anymore. To be honest, I can't think of a time when it was optional. But as the DevOps community has grown, so has the emphasis on proper software development practices: automated build processes, atomic deployments, environmental parity—all things that a high quality CI/CD platform like Wercker offers.

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Your Software Stack 10 Years Ago vs. Your Stack Today

May 11

The software stack 10 years ago was simple. Requests started at the client side, and they could be answered from a web server itself, or sent for additional processing to an application server or MySQL database.

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New feature | Invite by email for organizations

May 8

This new feature makes it easy to invite everybody in your organization even when they don't yet have an account on our platform.

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Using Wercker with Cloud Foundry

May 4

Wercker has fantastic integrations with a number of clouds and services. Yet, I recently found it missing an integration with Cloud Foundry.

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